Dominique Browning shares a bit of insight on the pleasures of taking the opportunity to create something beautiful out of what once was thought to be ruined: she embroiders dragonflies in the moth holes of woolen garments. A week or so earlier she had noted the beauty inherent in the crack of an eggshell, even though the crack may render the egg useless for its originally intended purpose. It may turn out to be okay for something else entirely, but we can only see that if we step back or look away for a moment. She tells us, sometimes we spend too much time trying to mend things that have gone awry, sometimes things are irreparably shattered and need to be let go. Salvage may be a wonderful thing, or it may be too much effort better spent elsewhere. Only sometimes it is hard to know which way to go.

I like stitching, watching threads and fibers come together until something lovely takes shape under my fingers. I think because of this, it takes me longer to get to the point where I want to put it down and walk away. My inclination is to stick to the work, persevere, soldier on. You never know when you’ll be glad you did.

Then again, calm down, rest easy, and do what you like. It’s only life, after all.