Entering the Vortex

And by that I mean publishing. Don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.

It is high time I got the 20-year old novel out of the cozy bed of oblivion and set it off on the road to success. It’s comfortable and quite content, sitting on the bookshelf where I hand-bound it in cardboard and linen, endpapers trimmed neatly from a pack of old giftwrap, but the times call for brave measures. I’m actually most interested in publishing my second book, but the first one really needs to get out there first and pave the way.

Why? It’s finished. The second one is not. And it’s said that in order to publish through just about any legitimate publishing company, one needs to show that one has name recognition and an established identity (which I had once, but time has passed, and it’s unlikely anyone remembers). One way to establish a platform is through self-publishing, and with all the free or nearly-free ways to do that that include getting your writing into major channels quickly, the finished Work ought to be doing something other than taking up space. It’s really that simple.

I can offer this novel as a low-cost eBook in order to further establish that vital “Author Platform” everyone’s talking about. Even though I’ve had a blog since 2005, and an author website for almost as long, in addition to the occasional published piece, I haven’t really established what you’d call presence. I rather relish anonymity, it’s safe and harmless and a bit backward, and speaks to my Luddite tendencies. I like it here under my rock. To be honest, I don’t like trying to say something when I haven’t anything to contribute to all the hasty dialogue already flooding the interwebs.

But it seems I do need to start somewhere, making some sort of substantial impact. I know the Novel will do that; people have been poking me for years to get it out there (and you all know who you are). So – here goes. Stay tuned for further developments to be announced in the next few days, and I hope you like it.

Coming soon…

Lucky Southern Women, a novel by Susannah Eanes
image by Steve Driskell


Seriously – there is no better story in the whole wide world. For the Moleys and Rattys – and Badgers and Otters and dear old Toads – among us, go forth and find yourself again as visitors to the Wild Wood – Vagabonds All!

The Wind In the Willows by Kenneth Grahame:  An Appreciation

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Kenneth Grahame was a turn of the century British author who was Secretary of the Bank of England “in his spare time” (according to A.A. Milne).  In 1908, Grahame published The Wind in the Willows, his third novel.  Unlike his … Read More

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The Wind In the Willows by Kenneth Grahame: An Appreciation