Lorianne over at Hoarded Ordinaries posted something that I couldn’t have said better myself, and so I won’t. Saluting her gentle and wise observations this July 4th holiday.

Be well, and happy.

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Seriously – there is no better story in the whole wide world. For the Moleys and Rattys – and Badgers and Otters and dear old Toads – among us, go forth and find yourself again as visitors to the Wild Wood – Vagabonds All!

The Wind In the Willows by Kenneth Grahame:  An Appreciation

Frontispiece to illustrated edition of a story...

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Kenneth Grahame was a turn of the century British author who was Secretary of the Bank of England “in his spare time” (according to A.A. Milne).  In 1908, Grahame published The Wind in the Willows, his third novel.  Unlike his … Read More

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The Wind In the Willows by Kenneth Grahame: An Appreciation