Pigs Can Fly, Sometimes

I’ve finally decided what I want to do in this blog. Been playing with the idea of this or that purpose, when what I really need is a place to throw things out there without having them necessarily tied up with who I am in RL.

I mean, a lot of people actually know who sophie pie is in RL, but it’s been an internet nom-de-plume for some time and it’s serving a purpose of quasi-anonymity, as far as such things can do.


Not that I harbor any notions of real anonymity, because it’s pretty easy to figure out who someone is if you really want to know. Still. A long time ago I began my first blog pretty much anonymously and then came out for whatever reason. Since then I’ve been hesitant to write about certain things that I’d like to process and possibly get help with from passersby.

So here’s to this new learning environment – identity-free. Sort of. Maybe what I really mean is, without ego.

Yeah, pigs can fly, too.

Thanks to Tonia Conger I know now the source of my favorite painting. More of Michael Sowa’s work here! 😀